And why you should too!

Freepik has put an unreasonable and a preposterous restriction on the usage of their assets.

As we know, Freepik is one of the most popular resources for Free/Premium Vector assets. I have a premium subscription there, but after talking to their support agent, I have…

I have decided to write this post for all the people who are, will, and may ask me about my voting preference. Few have already asked me who I am going to vote for, others may ask me after the elections as to who I voted for. …

Infinity War

Okay, so this is my rant about how stupid infinity war was. Even more stupid and ironic is how I’m taking the time out and thinking, writing, and then discussing about something I consider stupid. Anyways, lets begin.

Spoiler alert ahead.

Asaad Mahmood

Reflection, and that is all I’m after.

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