Infinity War

Why Infinity War was stupid

Okay, so this is my rant about how stupid infinity war was. Even more stupid and ironic is how I’m taking the time out and thinking, writing, and then discussing about something I consider stupid. Anyways, lets begin.

Spoiler alert ahead.

Doctor Strange time reversal.

First and foremost, Doctor Strange, initial scene, Battle in NewYork. So we have already seen Doctor Strange reversing quite a lot of time in the original Doctor Strange movie, so it begs the question, why did he just not reverse these two guys showing themselves in front of them. Furthermore, ignoring that, why not just create portals and send them to the middle of a volcano or something? Or just massacre people be summoning and closing portals and slicing them in half. Not to even begin on how Doctor Strange can pause time and basically have the Avengers kill Thanos and his accomplices.

However, let us just let that pass because if we focus on such minute things, this would be quite a laborious post. I’ll be moving to the bigger flaws in the cringe fest.

We basically have every other superhero acting like they young teenage girls on their period — emotional, impulsive, and irrational.

Vision basically in his element.

Thinking he is so clever suggesting that they should destroy the stone in his head, and how that is one sure way of stopping Thanos from every achieving the potential of all the stones. Smart thinking Sherlock, now let me ask you a simple question.
If you understand that the Scarlet Witch like the others aren’t getting rid of the stone because they want to save you, then wouldn’t actually just killing yourself give them a good enough reason to get rid of the stone? Kill yourself, stop your consciousness, play dead for all I care. So that the Scarlet Witch can destroy the stone. And considering how Thanos is clueless and can’t figure out where the stone is, you can basically hide it under your pillow and he won’t know. (Reference to him asking Gamora about the Soul Stone).

For those who would argue that the stone cannot be separated then please note that Thanos’s minions were probably about to separate the stone from Vision with their crappy device. So the main issue in question was never how to separate the stone, rather how to separate the stone and keep Vision alive.

Okay, so here we have the biggest goof of em all, the Big Slow (reference to the attitude era). This idiot has the ability to manipulate reality. People who watch anime can compare him to Itachi in Naruto, or Aizen in Bleach, apart from the fact that he is actually controlling reality rather than what people perceive in their heads.
Sir Thanos, considering how you just in previous scenes displayed your impeccable ability to create illusions, then instead of fighting those idiots on Titan, you sir can just create an illusion on Titan with a fake Doctor Strange. Afterwards, just come and pick the real Doctor Strange, and leave, let the others keep thinking that the time stone is safe, and have the stone for yourself? (Please read the whole post if you think Strange would have not given the stone if Iron Man wouldn’t have been threatened).

The same goes for the final fight. Instead of teleporting in the forest in between all the Avengers, just teleport in the freaking lab where Vision is being operated on, create an illusions for Black Panther’s sister, pick up Vision like a baby, and just leave. Or if you just want to teleport in the forest because you want to enjoy the scenery, then just pause time, unpause Vision if you want, pick him up, and just leave. Or just do the reality crap you just did in a few scenes prior.

Fight at Titan — Doctor Strange acting strange again
Doc, so you just hand over the stone to save Stark, after you said that you would easily sacrifice both him and Spider kid to protect the stone. I see, so perhaps you did that because handing the stone (or saving Stark) was the only possible way to stop Thanos, and if that was the case, why would you just not say that the only possible way to stop Thanos is to give him the stone? Seeing how everything else we try is basically bound to fail? Would that not save a lot of effort and emotional drama?

And if people say that handing Thanos the stone was not an option and its all over, then there should not be another Avengers movie after this.

I would still think that Doctor Strange was the only smartest person in this whole movie, so I’m even open to concluding that he would have thought of what I was proposing, and perhaps he saw it in his vision. Him telling Stark, Star-lord and all the other crappy heroes about how giving Thanos the stone and sacrificing half the population is the only way to eventually stop Thanos, and then everyone again acting like teenage girls on their period would discmiss that idea and still eventually end up fighting. So perhaps Strange saw that and was like, these idiots won’t listen to reason and end up fighting anyways, so I’d rather not waste my energy explaining these idiots what’s good for them and let them atleast try before failing.

Not even going to talk about Star-lord in this fight because his stupidity can be seen as an intentional moment created to make fans cringe, and think they are smart by stating how it was all Star-lord’s fault.

A person may stink a bit and you may tolerate him, but if he continues to stink right beside you, with an immensely intolerable odour, then you might just have to say something that may hurt his feeling. Similarly, there are movies that are crap, which you do not bother with, and then there are movies that are so crap that you just have to say how crappy they are.

Now there may be people who disagree with some, or even most of the comments I’ve made, but this review is based on my limited understanding of the Avengers, and some of the movies I’ve watched.

There may also be legitimate reasons why the solutions I’ve highlighted for Thanos or Doctor Strange might not have worked, and in order for me to understand them, I would have needed hours of research. Thus, considering how everyone is so in love with this franchise and adore this movie, I thought (similar to Doctor Strange perhaps), instead of wasting my hours researching about these things, I’d just rather post this here and let other people waste their time to inform a complete stranger on how his opinion is wrong.

Thanks for reading :).



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